A range of tailor made excursions that are within easy reach of Villa 46 and which will add to the excitement of holidaying in Hikkaduwa for you and your family have been included in our must do list.

Fun and frolic on the beach


A long stretch of the Hikkaduwa beach and sea is just behind Villa 46 for the family to enjoy all day long. Relax on the beach, build sand castles or take a dip, exercising caution when in the sea.

Visit a turtle hatchery


Learn all about conservation efforts to save endangered turtles, their life cycle and how turtles are released into the sea from captivity. Enjoy holding baby turtles while learning about them. A not to be missed educational excursion for the entire family.

Coral sanctuary


The Hikkaduwa coral sanctuary is a roped off, shallow area of water not more than five feet in depth. Best visited during low tide, you may get a chance to swim alongside turtles and schools of multicolored fish. Step around gingerly to prevent cuts and bruises from the coral formations. The coral sanctuary is a great place for snorkeling.

Diving experience


Learn all about the basics of diving if you are a novice or jump right in if you are well-versed. Have a thrilling underwater experience with the entire family and checkout a wreck when confident enough to do so. Hikkaduwa has several PADI certified diving schools that will provide needed guidance and equipment.

Maduganga safari


The Maduganga river boat safari through mangrove forests is an excellent means of observing a complex coastal ecosystem at work. Maduganga is home to perhaps one of the last remaining tracts of mangrove forest in Sri Lanka. There are over 60 islands in the river and lagoon that is also home to a buddhist temple.

Galle fort


A must visit, the Galle fort is a UNESCO world heritage site with a 400+ year history. Built initially by Portuguese invaders and then extensively rebuilt by the Dutch and British, the Fort resembles a small walled town with a rectangular grid pattern of streets full of low rise houses with gables and verandas in the Dutch colonial style.

Mirissa whale watching


Whale and dolphin watching in the seas off the town of Mirissa, is a seasonal activity that is best done between the months of December and April. Early morning boat trips are arranged by many different parties and an advanced booking is recommended.

Moonstone mines


In the close by town of Meetiyagoda, famous for its moonstone mines, you may even be tempted to travel down a mineshaft to observe how moonstones are mined. Skilled hands transform moonstones into beautiful jewellery that will amaze you.

Ambalangoda masks


Ambalangoda is a town close to Hikkaduwa that is famous for its handcrafted dance masks and antiques. Get an excellent idea on how masks and puppets are produced and used at the mask museum located in the Ambalangoda town.

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